Accessible: Yes
Reservable: Yes
Projector: No
Printers: 2
Seats: 18

Accessibility features 

Computer stations #13 and #22 are on a raised table which is located immediately next to the printer on your right as you enter the computer lab. Workstation #00 has Dragon Naturally Speaking on a raised table located through the double door in the north east side of the room. Workstation #15 has Jaws 8 while workstation #16 has ZoomText 8 installed. Both #15 and #16 are located at the northern end of the lab room 105B.


Benjamin Goldberg Research Center building entrance is equipped with card readers. Obtain building access to use this computer lab after 5 pm on weekdays and on weekends. 

Session Hours
Fall and Spring Open for Critical Reservations Only
Summer 1 (4 week)
Summer 2 (8 week)
Between sessions