SCE 401

Accessible: Yes
Reservable: No
Projector: No
Printers: 6
Seats: 123

SCE 401 offers 113 computers running Windows and 10 computer running Mac OS X. The lab is equipped with 1 color printer and 5 black-and-white-printers. ACCC lab attendant is available in the lab during open hours. On Wednesdays between 4 pm - 6 pm the lab will remain open, but the lab attendant may not be available.

Accessibility features 

Computer station #011 has Jaws version 9 installed. This workstation is located on the front row, second seat from the aisle. To navigate to this row, enter from the north entrance of the room, and the station is directly in front of the consultant's station which is to the left of the main door. Station #112 which has ZoomText 9 installed is located at the far back of the room. Take the left aisle and walk all the way to the last row to the left of the aisle.


Session Hours
Fall and Spring Closed until further notice
Summer 1 (4 week)
Summer 2 (8 week)
Between sessions