SELE 2265

View of SELE 2265 computer lab
Accessible: Yes
Reservable: No
Projector: No
Printers: 2
Seats: 22

ACCC lab attendants are available in the Client Services Office during open hours.

Testing for mobile printing is being conducted in the SEL 2265 computer lab from September 22nd to December 12th, 2014.  During this time, out test release station, SEL 2265A, will only be available to print and release from the workstations in the SEL 2265 computer lab. The SEL 2265B release station will continue to offer full printing services. You will be able to pick up print jobs from your laptop using Pharos Popup and print jobs from any other workstation across campus.


Accessibility features 

Three computer stations - #09 #10 and #11 - are sitting on raised table which is located in the far north east corner of the room. Station #00 has Jaws 8 installed. Station #01 has ZoomText 8 installed. Both #00 and #01 are located on the desk immediately at the door of the lab. Station #05 has a scanner attached to it. This station is the first computer on the desk towards the west wall of the lab. Client Services Office is located in the room immediately to on the left when exiting the computer lab.

Map of SELE 2265


Science and Engineering Laboratory East building entrances are equipped with card readers. Obtain building access to use this computer lab after 5 pm on weekdays and on weekends.

Session Hours
Fall and Spring Closed until further notice
Summer 1 (4 week)
Summer 2 (8 week)
Between sessions

To use the DVD/VHS Player in this room